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It was the winter of 2006 that brought a few enthusiastic livewires of Sector 22 & Sector 23 to come together and create the Deepanwita Cultural Association. For last 8 years, we have grown from strength to strength, flourished and become more and more ambitious, as we move into the ninth year of our existence. Our objectives, much the same then and even more so, now, are:

  • To bring various like-minded people in the neighbourhood together.
  • To organise various cultural programmes in and around various Bengali festivals – the idea being that you can breathe in and relive the same joyous spirit of festivity – like back home.
  • To provide a forum for the exchange of information and knowledge among the various members and their loved ones – helping people network with one another and the newcomers settle in.
  • To support various CSR initiatives & extend material and emotional support to those who are lesser privileged – near and far.
  • To encourage and create a ‘rite of passage’ for our younger generation to showcase our rich heritage and culture – at the same time build bridges with other linguistic and cultural experiences and influences.
  • Bring to the table something for everyone – all age groups, various interests, students professionals, homemakers – so that they all have something to connect to, feel part of and carry joyous memories ahead.

The seeds of love and unity in diversity sown in those heady and exciting times have grown blossomed into a vibrant association under which we continue to make exciting new initiatives and have grown to become a very exciting and happening socio-cultural associations in the Dwarka sub city – south west of the newest part of the city.

We have grown manifold from the initial 25 families supporting the need of creating a Bengali Association for Sector 22 & 23, to over 200 families from Sector 22 & Sector 23 and adjoining sectors. And need we say, growing in leaps and bounds – each calendar year.

“Deepanwita Parivar” aims to be a special oxygen bar – releasing the much needed social forum for all of us be a part of and create a platform for the Gen-X, Gen-Y and beyond – encouraging them to thrive in the urban chaos – that is Delhi and NCR – and to ask of them to channel their creative instincts to ensure they are happy, bright and talented young people – who can go ahead and make their mark – in whatever field they seek to excel. Finally Deepanwita is about being a forum multiplier and an enabler that is a catalyst for all of us to lead a healthy, energetic and meaningful existence over and above igniting in all of us, a sense of belonging identity and bonding to the rich culture of our roots – to the place that many of us now clearly identify as our home!