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From the Desk
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Ashish Kumar

Hon. President (2015 – till date)

Mr. Ashish Kumar resides in Sadbhawna Apartments in Sector 22, Dwarka, New Delhi. He has been an active member of Deepanwita since 2008. Ashish has been working with the Delhi Govt. in the capacity of Sub-divisional Magistrate. He is a big time foodie and known for his generous nature when it comes to food.

Namaskar Deepanwitians,

Words are not enough to express my gratitude to all the esteemed members of this great organisation who has given me this opportunity to serve as the President for the 4th executive council. I on behalf of my executive council will ensure that we live up to the expectations of every member and solidify and build on the strong foundation laid by the eminent and hardworking team of the previous executive councils.

It is still fresh in my memory that blessed evening of 2007 when few of Deepanwita’s members approached me at my residence and passionately explained me the need of starting a cultural association in Sector 22 & 23 for our community. Though skeptical at first, but I am proud to have decided to join what I call a movement of harmony, brotherhood and togetherness called – DEEPANWITA.

Time flies and so was these 9 years. From few of us, it is now a strong family of over 200 members / well wishers. In this passage of time we had our ups and downs, but that only made us stronger, bigger and brought us more closer to each other.

We in Deepanwita have always accepted the new with open arms and that is what made us different from many of the associations in and around us. We believe in acceptance and ushering in new thought and value each and everyone’s ideology. I can assure you that each and every member of this 4th executive council will be exceeding expectations in living up to this culture of Deepanwita and make sure this feeling for brotherhood and togetherness solidifies.

Every idea is important and useful, as we would need the experience of the seniors, we also need the exuberance and fresh thoughts of the young brigades, and Deepanwita is certainly blessed with young blood, who, I am sure will contribute substantially in making Deepanwita a much bigger and better place.

At the end, I must thank the office bearers of the previous executive councils for a strong foundation and the 4th executive council will need your valued support to build upon that.

Thank you once again members for giving me and my team this opportunity to carry forward this movement, we will remain indebted and will request your support, suggestions, guidance and valuable advice for better working.

Blessed to be a Deepanwitian…

Ashish Kumar

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R. K. Samal

Hon. General Secretary (2015 – till date)

Mr. R. K. Samal resides in DDA SFS Flats in Sector 23, Dwarka, New Delhi. He has been a founder member of Deepanwita and his active association counts back to the year 2007. Samal, as he is popularly known as, has been working in the tourism industry since last 22 years. "Transparency and Sincerity" has always been the driving force for Mr. Samal. He has been an avid sports person and won many accolades during his young age.

Dear members and well wishers,

It is a great honor and privilege for me to assume the role as Secretary of the 4th Executive Council of Deepanwita Cultural Association. I am blessed to have the support from the new Executive Council comprising of very talented and dedicated individuals.

Being one of the founder members, over the last 9 years, I have noticed how Deepanwita has evolved to play a critical role in upholding our Bengali tradition and culture in Dwarka, New Delhi, helping us to connect with each other to foster friendships and build a cohesive society.

During my long association, I have seen the tremendous dedication and energy of all our members & well wishers. Frankly speaking, it only gave me vigor to involve and work more. I distinctly remember when we formed this association, the memberships were few, but today our memberships have grown to a large number. More new people have joined. Their ideas have enlightened us, shown us new avenues and we have given them due consideration. Without support of all of you it would have not been possible to carry out the activities. I recall the selfless and untiring contribution made by all members.

Going forward, in addition to organizing our regular events, we are hoping to engage in activities that will help us to integrate with other communities and collectively participate in social causes. We need your full support!

It is the Association which is formed by you – our members and well wishers. Your selfless involvement in every aspect of the development of this association will be critical.

I assure you that the new Executive Council will make every attempt to provide the leadership this Association requires in order to achieve its objectives. Your continued encouragement will help us to serve you better.

Let me take this opportunity to recognize and congratulate the previous Executive Council led by Mr. Byomkesh Bhattacharya for their leadership, passion and hard work.

Once again, I thank you for your support and look forward to interact with you in our upcoming events.

Sincerely yours,
R. K. Samal

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Gautam Biswas

Hon. Treasurer (2015 – till date)

Mr. Gautam Biswas resides in Sapna Ghar in Sector 11, Dwarka, New Delhi. He joined Deepanwita in the year 2007 as a founder member and since then has been an active member. Gautam worked with Australian Airlines for 16 years, post that he has been successfully running his own Ad agency. “Let us all live in Peace and Harmony” is what Mr. Biswas believes and preaches.

Greetings Deepanwita,

Deepanwita Cultural Association is in its 9th year of existence and I feel extremely proud to be associated with this ever growing and dynamic association. I am thrilled to be chosen the Treasure for the 4th Executive Council and super excited to perform the responsibilities of the office.

Being one of the founder members, in the last few years I have seen a steady growth of our association and we are blessed with the influx of young talents who have joined us. I take immense pride to say that we now have a very big family with almost 200 active members & well wishers. We exist because we have your support, both intellectual and financial.

I would like to convey my special thanks & sincere wishes to all advertisers, donors & sponsors who have been supporting us to arrange all events year on year. A special mention of all our members and their family who render their services and moral support throughout the year to make all our activities exciting, glorious & successful.

This year we will celebrate the 9th year of Durgotsav from 18th October to 23rd October, 2015. I humbly welcome you all to this grand festival. One of the most salient aspects of all our events is the very welcoming family atmosphere. Please join along with friends and family and feel free to get involved in all our activities.

I strongly feel that we have miles to go. Hence I appeal to all youngsters & new arrivals at Dwarka sub-city and it’s nearby areas to get more involved in the activities of our association, guide us with fresh ideas, create new avenues of fund collection & take Deepanwita Cultural Association to new heights.

Thank you and warm regards,
Gautam Biswas